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One of the most popular and difficult to pull off is correct Green Screen color photography and videos.
Some of the issues include how to shoot with green screen. and how to fix videos in post production.

One has to remove the Green Screen from the video.
Actually, you make the green screen dissapear by adding an alpha channel to the video. Done correctly this allows the Talent to appear while the Green (actually you can use any color you want) 'disappears'

Some of the issues to correct are the multiple green screen colors, no two of them are the same. Multiple colors and incorrect lighting can cause wrinkles which cause shadows, hot spots, and other color imperfections in your green screen footage.

We have the technology and experience to correct your movies and video in Post Production.
That's correct, we can correct your videos after they have been made.

Send us you video, preferably in mp4 format, or we can convert it from just about any other format. Use our Contact Page to send your video.

Below are two images, the one on the left is from the raw Green Screen Footage and the other is the final production.

Before Color Correction
After Color Correction
Notice the screen itself, there are different colors, winkles, and the lighting is not consistent. Thia video is under exposed and needs color correction to make it more life like.
This is the same video, with the Green Screen corrected and a background has been added.
Notice how the skin tone is more natural and less under exposed and well as the details are more clear.
Naturally giving you a set price will be nearly impossible becasue of all of the variations which could be involved. However, most of our work will cost less than $100 and includes a Free Estimate and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied you owe us nothing.

So use or Contact Page to get started.

Thank you for looking.
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