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LUF Values


Preparation for Streaming Services

Streaming services set a standard normalization level across songs hosted on their music libraries. This way, listeners won't have to drastically turn the volume up or down when switching from one song to another. Every platform has a different target level, so it's not uncommon to have different masters for various streaming platforms.
The LUFs Loudness targets for the most popular streaming services are as follows:
Spotify: -14 LUFS
Apple Music: -16 LUFS
Amazon Music: -9 to -13 LUFS
Youtube: -13 to -15 LUFS
Deezer: -14 to -16 LUFS
Soundcloud: -8 to -13 LUFS
Each engineer has their own philosophy when it comes to determining the target level for each master, but these standardizations should be taken into account.

What Is Audio Normalization?

When you normalize audio, you're applying a certain amount of gain to a digital audio file. This brings your audio file to a target perceived amplitude or volume level while preserving the dynamic range of the tracks.
Audio normalization is used to achieve the maximum volume from a selected audio clip. It can also be used to create more consistency across multiple audio clips. For instance, you might have multiple tracks within an album or EP.
It's worth noting that songs with a larger dynamic range can be more challenging to normalize effectively. For instance, a peak amplitude might become squashed or distorted through the process of normalization.
Therefore, every single audio clip should be approached differently when it comes to the normalization process. Audio normalization is essential for any digital recording, but there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach.
Why Should You Normalize Audio?
So why is it important to normalize your audio files? These Streaming Services are a few scenarios in which loudness normalization is a must.
For more information on Normalizing and Compressing Audio

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