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Create a Karaoke Song

Many times if you perform in Karaoke bars and events the key you sing in and the key the song is in are different. You can ask the KJ to raise or lower the key and hope they do so, or you can hand them your custom made CD or USB file.

For $5.00 we will make your song and have it available for you to download.

Create a Custom Karaoke Song for you.

Can't find the correct version of a song you want to perform?
Billie Holiday wasn't usually performing in front of a full orchestra when singing in the local bars. Try to find a rendention with just a clarinet.

Are the background singers in some of your songs too loud? Classic Country singers can thank the Nashville Sound for that. We can reduce the volumn or remove or reduce the background singers for you.*

Your final file will have the lyrics synchronized with the background tracks including the breaks, pauses, note holds, and so forth. It will have a Title Page with the Song Name, Original Artist, and a Credits Page after the song finishes with your name if you want one.

We can also change the Key of the song for you.

Perhaps you want a longer lead break or shorter out take, just let us know. $40.00
Depending on the recording there may an additional charge.**

Order Song on Fiverr
Point your cell phone's camera at the QR code to order a Karaoke song on Fiverr for the special price of $5
*It is practically impossible to remove all vocals in a prerecorded song. This is because of the way they are recorded, that is, placing the vocals on the center track of a stereo recording. This causes the vocals and the instruments to be interpreted as one in the same. Therefore, many times the vocals can only be reduced dramatically.
If we cannot reduce or remove the vocals to your satisfaction we will not charge you.
** Any additional charges which may be incurred will be discussed with you in advance. You will only be assessed this charge if you have given your approval.
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