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If you have not already do so Purchase a Facebook Ad
Each Custom Ad is $15.00
The Process
This form will allow you to enter the information for your Simple Custom Facebook Ad

Please enter the information in this form and Press the Send Button.
Fields with an * are required
We have industry appropriate pictures should you want to use them.
You may certainly send us any pictures you would like us to use.
for a Video on Where to Get Free Copyright Free Images
Email them to me at: Jack@BackInTheBarn.com
Be sure to include which slide number it should be.
(the Title Slide will be Number 1, Then Number 2, Number 3,...)
There is no extra charge for using our pictures or graphics.

$15.00 is all you will pay, and the movie is yours to keep.

We will make the movie and you will be able to view it for your approval.

Upon approval we will send you the movie.

Below is a sample movie to help you design yours.
A couple of things to remember:
The Title and Ending Labels or Mandatory
The more words you use on a slide, the smaller the size the words will be
40 letters, including spaces, is probably as many as you will want
Your 'Ad' should address unique features of your business and
 include a website if you have one, or a phone number

You have up to 10 'Slides' or 'Images'
This video only uses 6 out of 10 available Slides
and 9 Labels, so the 'Images' will stay visible longer while the
Label changes.

Music will also be included, if you have a particular song or
soundtrack you want us to use, please let me know

Corporate Support Services
Roswell, New Mexico
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