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Create a Custom Backing Track for you.

Can't find the correct version of a song you want to perform?
In order to sell your songs or even post them legally to YouTube you need to purchase a mechanical license, unless you orginally wrote and recorded the song. Otherwise, you need a mechanical license for the rights to the song and a license to use the backing track to the song.

The tracks we create are original and include the rights for you to sell or distribute them. You cannot use Karaoke tracks from Sound Choice or any other vendor. You can buy the license from them for about $150 which is good for three years and 10,000 downloads.

Since we, Back In The Barn Productions, make our own there is no such requirement as all of the songs we create are copyrighted.

All of this for only $150

We can also create a Karaoke song for you. Your final file will have the lyrics synchronized with the background tracks including the breaks, pauses, note holds, and so forth. It will have a Title Page with the Song Name, Original Artist, and a Credits Page after the song finishes with your name if you want one. The Key of the song can also be changed for you.

Perhaps you want a longer lead break or shorter out take, just let us know. Depending on the recording there may an additional charge.**

Listen to a sample song in a blues style rendention.
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