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Adjust Backing Track

There are times when your backing track's tempo is too fast, for example. Simply send us your backing track and what the tempo should be and we will change the tempo to match what you would like it to be. The same would be true for the Pitch of your song.
We can determine the key your song is in and adjust it in semitones (plus or minus 12 semitones, or 6 keys) These are often refered to as 'Steps'. Each Step is equal to a Semitone, so two Semitones would be equal to 1 Key change.

Still unsure, we will send you up to three copies of your track, each one in a different Key (semitone)

If you don't know the tempo the song should be in, we can play the original song on Amazon Music, or another streaming service, and determing the tempo and pitch.

One client for example wanted a song and the backing track she was using had a Tempo of 121 BPM and the original recording was at 86.6 BPM That is a Huge difference.
The price for this is only $5.00
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