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Have you wanted a Music Video but thought they were too expensive?
Or, you don't have the facilities or ability to produce a video?
There are so many ways for you to use your music videos in facebook videos, music demos, youtube videos, and more. With a Watermark video you can help to protect your video.

Music Demo Video

Let us make a video for you.
This is a Sample Demo for a Classic Country Band for one of their CD's
You will notice there are 'Watermarks' throughout the Demo to show you some of the techniques we can incorporate for you.
Pictures can also be included, with or without a Watermark.
For a Demo Album we will need the songs on your album or CD. These can either be the full song or if you have trimmed and matched samples of the songs that will be fine as well.

This type of Music Video can be used on your Facebook Page or website.

This Simple Music Demo Video is $20.00

Facebook Video Ad

This is a video we made for one of our Facebook Ads
This type of video will require you to provide images, if you have some specific ones you would like to use.
*There are several sites from which you can locate images to use in these videos.
For example Google, Pixabay, or others.
One of our clients has provided a video of where you can get Free Images,
Or you can leave it up to our imagination.
**With either of these types of video you will need to be able to send us files.

This Facebook Video Ad is only $15.00
These are some Music Videos we have created and produced.
More samples will be added shortly
*When downloading images, graphics, or drawings from the Internet be sure to have the owner's permission. You can always locate pictures which are free to use commercially.
Neither BackInTheBarnProductions.com or Corporate Support Services is responsible for copyright violations, so be careful and legal.
** We will delete any files, including but limited to, music, pictures, or art once the project has been completed.
Corporate Support Services
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