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Give Love On Christmas
Vocals Only
Karaoke Version
Hey Ennis,
I am confused on whether or not you got the files.
The ones I emailed were .WAV files which are much bigger in file size with a better sound quality (lossless)
It looks like the last ones went through, but again I don't know. Your email provider blocked them due to size.

These are .mp3 files which are much smaller but are fine in sound quality.
Please listen to these, actually they sound pretty good.
As before if you are satisfied please complete the payment process,
if you are not satisfied please let me know.
I apologize for the confusion

The 3rd file is labeled Karaoke Version which more of the background singers
It is impossible to seperate the backgound singers completely for a couple of reasons.
The way it was recorded places both the vocals and the background singers on the same track.
Notes in the Background singers match the same pitch and trember of other instruments on 3 additonal tracks,
the Drums, Bass, and 'Other' tracks.

I have tried to add background singers from the Jackson 5 version but that didn't work either.

You can download the tracks from here with the download arrow next to the right of the track

The original WAV files can be listened to here.

Jack Richardson
Background WAV
Vocals Only WAV
Corporate Support Services
Roswell, New Mexico
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